Autocad Reduce File Size

When working on AutoCAD drawing sometimes you may notice that the size of your files start to get large.

So here are a few tips to help you reduce the size of your drawings should you need to.

Purge – By using the PURGE command you clear your drawing of any clutter. The Purge window will give you many options on what you want to clear such as unused line types and blocks. This can be paticularly useful once you have completed a drawing to get rid of anything unused.

Xref – on large drawing consider if you need everything in one file or if you can seperate elements into multiple files and link them into one drawing.

Audit – Large file sizes for small drawings could be indiations that there is a fault. using the AUDIT command you can run a check on your currnt drawing to see if there are any issues

Save As – Sometimes getting Autocad to write a completley new DWG file rather than ammend an existing DWG can help reduce file size.

Overkill – By selecting everthing in your drawing and running the OVERKILL command Autocad will look for any duplicates and remove them.

Blocks – By converting objects into blocks not only might you see an improvement on performance but you might see your file size reduce.