Autodesk 2022 Software Release Dates

Autodesk 2022 Software Release Dates

Looking for the release dates for AutoCAD 2022, Revit 2022 and Inventor 2022?

Many Autodesk applications have an annual release, each year the version number increases which is usually one number higher than the current year. This year is 2021 so the next round of releases will be for the 2022 versions. Autodesk stagger the releases over a few months and the exact release dates change year on year but we can usually expect to see this around March, April & May.

**update 09/03/21** 

Ok, I’m aware of some of the release dates however at this time I am unable to make the details public. I found this out through official channels and the dates are currently under embargo, As soon as I am allowed to make the release dates public they will be posted here.

What I am allowed to tell you is last years release dates for the 2021 range of Autodesk applications. Now these dates no way imply what the 2022 dates will be as dates can change. I have listed the 2021 release dates here.

**update 23/03/21**

Autodesk have started releasing the 2022 software today, AutoCAD 2022 and Navisworks 2022 have both been released and can now be downloaded with more to following at later dates.

**update 24/03/21**

3DS Max 2022 has now been released. I have created a table at the bottom of this page which will list as many of the Autodesk applications as I can.

**Update 06/04/2021**

Revit 2022 is now available as too is Inventor & Vault.

System Requirements

Autodesk release the official system after the software has been released, you can expect however that if you computer meets the recommended requirements for 2021 software then you should at least meet the minimum requirements for 2022.

Again once the system requirements have been released I will update this page with links for each product here.

Release Dates

Autodesk like to keep the exact release dates secret until as late as possible so we can probably expect to see news of release dates in the first quarter of 2021.

I will keep this page updated on possible release dates as news gets leaked out and I will also confirm the official release dates below too once they have been made public.

Don’t forget to check this page regularly, in the mean time you can find awesome tips, tricks and guides on

Instructions on How To Install Your Autodesk Software

Product Release Date
3ds Max 2022 24/03/2021
3ds Max with Softimage 2022
Alias AutoStudio 2022
Alias Concept 2022
Alias Design 2022
Alias Surface 2022
AutoCAD 2022 23/03/2021
AutoCAD Architecture 2022 23/03/2021
AutoCAD Electrical 2022
AutoCAD LT 2022
AutoCAD Map 3D 2022
AutoCAD Mechanical 2022
AutoCAD MEP 2022
AutoCAD Plant 3D 2022 24/03/2021
AutoCAD Raster Design 2022
ReCap Pro 2022 14/04/2021
SketchBook Pro 2022
VRED Design 2022
VRED Presenter 2022
VRED Professional 2022
VRED Render Node 2022
Autodesk Inventor Nastran 2022
Inventor 2022 06/04/2021
Inventor LT 2022
Inventor Professional 2022
Vault Office 2022
Vault Professional 2022 06/04/2021
Vault Workgroup 2022 06/04/2021
AutoCAD for Mac 2022
AutoCAD LT for Mac 2022
Inventor Nesting 2022
TruComposites – Standard 2022
TruComposites – Ultimate 2022
Navisworks Manage 2022 24/03/2021
Navisworks Simulate 2022
Point Layout 2022
Advance Steel 2022
AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2022
Fabrication CADmep 2022
Fabrication CAMduct 2022
Fabrication ESTmep 2022
Revit 2022 06/04/2021
Revit LT 2022
Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2022
AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2022
AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2022
Factory Design Suite Premium 2022
Factory Design Suite Standard 2022
Factory Design Suite Ultimate 2022
Factory Design Utilities 2022
Inventor Tolerance Analysis 2022
AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2022
Building Design Suite Premium 2022
Building Design Suite Standard 2022
Building Design Suite Ultimate 2022
Civil 3D 2022 14/04/2021
Flame 2022
Flame Assist 2022
Flame Premium 2022
Flare 2022
Infrastructure Design Suite Premium 2022
Infrastructure Design Suite Standard 2022
Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2022
InfraWorks 2022 14/04/2021
Lustre 2022
Plant Design Suite Premium 2022
Plant Design Suite Standard 2022
Plant Design Suite Ultimate 2022
Product Design Suite Premium 2022
Product Design Suite Ultimate 2022
Vehicle Tracking 2022 14/04/2021
HSM – Premium 2022
HSM – Ultimate 2022
HSMWorks -Ultimate 2022
Inventor CAM – Ultimate 2022
TruNest 2022
AutoCAD LT with CALS Tools 2022
Netfabb – Standard 2022
Netfabb – Premium 2022
Netfabb – Ultimate 2022
Netfabb Local Simulation 2022

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