Saving your Revit System Families

In this blog I will show you how you can save your Revit System families. System families can only exist inside a project and unlike traditional Revit Families cannot be saved as an RVT file.


How to Save a System Family

  1. Place an instance of your system family in a project.
  2. Select the system family and in the ribbon bar under the modify tab click create group.
  3. Give the group a sensible name.
  4. Next go to File -> Save as -> Library -> Group
  5. Select the group you have just created from the “Group to Save” drop down.
  6. Now you can choose where to save and click save.

You have now saved the system family to a RVT file on your computer.


How to Insert a System Family

  1. Go to the Insert Tab in the Ribbon Bar.
  2. Click “Load as Group”
  3. Navigate to the system family which you want to insert and click open

The system family now exists in your project and is available for use.