Revit Split Sections

Did you know that your Revit sections don’t have to be a singular straight line? And that you can in fact split and stagger them.

This can be very useful if you are wanting to change the starting depth of a section to go around equipment or objects which otherwise would be in the way.

What is the difference between a section and a split section?

In the image below you can see a normal section line compared to a split section line.

As you can see we can split the section line at chosen points and change its location.

How to Create Split Sections

  1. create a normal section line as usual.
  2. Select the section line
  3. In the ribbon bar under the modify tab click “Split Segment”
  4. Click on the section line where you want to create the split
  5. You can now adjust the location on the new segment

And it is as easy as that.

Revit – How To Split Section Lines Around Obstacles – YouTube


This is a very useful tool if you are wanting to create a clean section but there happens to be a column, object or something which is blocking the view.