Get Revit For Free – How To

That’s right, you can get Revit completely for Free. There are a few ways you can legally get Revit for free and I will list them below.

First of all this is how to legally get Revit for free, if you are looking for hacks and serial number generators you wont find anything like that here.

How To Get Revit For Free

There are two methods to get Revit for free…


The first and most accessible way to get Revit for free is to use the 30 day free trial which gives you full access. Yes this isn’t a permanent way to get Revit but if you are looking into Revit or maybe you only need to use it the once briefly you can get free access for 30 days.

This is also version specific so if you have trialled Revit 2018 before and want to see whats new in Revit 2022 you can also trial that for another 30 days.

You can download the Revit 30 Day trial here: Download Revit | Revit Free Trial | Autodesk

Educational License

If you are a student or an educator you can get a free renewable 1-year license. You can keep renewing this year on year so long as you remain eligible.

You can check if you are eligible for an educational license here: Student and Education Software | 1-Year License

This again will give you access to the full feature of the software for a full year.


These two methods are the best way to get Revit for free. Don’t forget to check out how to download and install Revit here: Installing Autodesk Revit – Mark Calloway