Revit Creating Section View

Looking at creating Section Views in Revit? I will show you how to create a Section view in 5 super simple steps.

Section views are exactly what the name says, its a view which cuts through a section of your project. You can control the extents of the section view and far elements are drawn. You can even split sections, if you want to know what a split section is? dont forget to check out my 5 quick steps on creating Revit Split Sections.

5 Steps To Creating A Section View

1 Start Section Tool

Go to the View tab in the Ribbon bar and click the Section tool.

2 Place Section Line

Draw the section line in the project, click to choose where to start the section lne and click again to finish.

3 Choose Section Extents

Adjust the extent of the Section.

4 Check Section Crop

Adjust the crop box for the Section as required.

5 Rename Section View

Dont forget to give it a better name than “Section 1”