Revit Architecture: Basics – Ceilings

In this exercise I will explain the very basics of using Ceilings in Revit.

The ceilings tool in Revit is very basic to use, beyond what is in this guide there isn’t much more you need to learn.


Where to find Ceilings

The Ceilings button can be found in the “Architecture” tab, in the section called “Build”:

How to Place Ceilings

Ceilings are places inside an enclosed region, for example inside the four walls of a room.

How to place ceilings:

  1. Firstly change your view to a ceiling plan in the project browser
  2. Click the ceilings button in the Ribbon bar.
  3. Move you mouse courser over the enclosed region.
  4. You will see a red outline showing you where the ceiling will be placed.
  5. Left click inside the enclosed region.

Congratulations you have now placed a Ceiling.



  • Using the rotate tool in the modify tab on the ribbon bar you can rotate the angle of the ceiling grid.
  • Use the align tool in the modify tab on the ribbon bar to align the ceiling grid so you start with a full tile at the wall.


Ceilings are one of the most basic tools to use in Revit, simply select the tool and click in an enclosed region to get going.




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